A Strong Thesis Paper: What to Start With?

How to start a thesis paper? What are the main things to consider? How to attract the readers and keep them focused? These are probable the first questions that come to your mind when you need to develop a good thesis statement. Here is a good example. Imagine that you are a lawyer and need to persuade the jury that your client is innocent. You have all necessary facts, evidence and witnesses proving his innocence. The only thing you need to do is to convince the jury in several sentences summing up all available data.

The same thing is with thesis statements. Your readers are your jury. You need to introduce the main idea of your paper and convince them that a major paper will come with even more evidences and argumentations necessary to discuss. A reader may disagree with your thoughts. However, a thesis statement must make him interested in the paper till the last letter and support a particular point of view. Constructing a strong thesis statement is certainly a challenge for the majority of students in spite of their academic level. Whether you write a high-school essay or PhD dissertation, our service will certainly come as an essential helper.

How to Start a Thesis Paper?

You need to follow several steps when developing your thesis paper. You know practically all of them. It is high time you learnt to sue them.

Step 1

Start with an in-depth research and analyzing of the topic. Look for all interesting facts, arguments, controversies and complications. Try to figure out as many related problems and questions and possible. Sum up the data.

Step 2

Try to develop a working thesis and write it down. You will certainly feel frustrated whenever you lose a good idea for your thesis. Note all possible variants even if you do not like them.

Step 3

Now you need to find a prominent location for your thesis. As a rule, it is placed at the end of the introduction. On the one hand, such location meets academic requirements. On the other hand, such location is most common for the readers. You do not want to make them search for it, don’t you?

Step 4

Edit your thesis and construct its final look.

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